Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Collaborative Personal Finance Blogging

Bottom Line: I'm looking to collaborate with others to bring great content to the web. Contact me if interested in working on joint personal finance projects. To bad I can't program the fringe features of my new site in FORTRAN... Should get this html thing down-pat shortly. R/ Finance Junkie


Anonymous said...

What exactly do you have in mind? I might be interested.

Finance Junkie said...

Here's some ideas:
1.) Layman's Guide To: (fill in)
2.) Festival of Shame: (learning from the mistakes of friends, neighbors and yourself)...Might want support from person who started "Carnival" theme.
3.) Good Cop Bad Cop (two sites busting each other's chops or acting out two parts in a running content dialogue).
4.) Anything involving the buzzwords "debt" or "saving."

... I'm just waking up, could come up with a few more ideas but would rather collaborate in private so that the idea is a surprise to others.

Finance Junkie said...

Long Term: Co-Development and promotion of pod cast content